Friday, October 8, 2010

Ewww Dead, Moldy Salmon!!!

It's October in SE Wisconsin ...............

That means every salmon that's come and gone up the river system is DEAD!!!
...actually it's more like they are cooked as the warm water, temps and lack of rain have made for a STINKO run! Truly every river has dead, moldy, STINKY Salmon carcasses everywhere.
Literally, we've been fishing in tiny runs and bath tub size pools. Actually the DUKE and I are doing a lot of fly tying, less time on the water in the streams here in WI and conserving our energy for the rain that we know is coming!

BUT never fail....We are catching some fish. We've had to go early and get off the water early. Fishing is really good after the sunrise and right after sunset. The photo period wakes up all the giant kings and they start moving and getting aggressive. Look for these monsters to slip into the currents about an hour before the sunsets and up to an hour after sunrise. If you're lucky and you're in a shaded area.....lots of these on the Milwaukee river, you can stretch your fishing for another hour to an hour and a half!!! Yahoo! At least we've got some fish here. Not a lot of room and it's not the "ideal" conditions, but it's still better than working!

Pray for Rain......we need it!

FAT and Duke

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