Sunday, November 14, 2010


Today we had a rough start. My dad got back from Istanbul, Turkey yesterday. He’s not as good a traveler as he once was and he accidentally shut off the alarm while he was checking it……jet lag. So we got up an hour late!!!

We jumped out of bed and ran out of the house, floored the FlyFishNation Truck and got coffee on the run! We made up 20 minutes driving to Waukesha to pick up my Dad’s friend, Huy. Yesterday we got a good rain so we thought that the Menomonee would be a great river to start on…….well, it was a good place to start but not the right place. The water hadn’t bumped like we thought it would so we left the fish we saw there in search of bigger, better and more fishy water.
We got the Milwaukee about an hour after sunrise. Huy got the first fish, then Dad! Both were Cohos…..Most of the fish in the river were older Kings. We didn’t fish to those because most of the Kings were just a little better looking then this one.

The Coho were a little better. We got on a good run and fished the Coho’s below the Spawning Kings. Dad said to fish to the tails of the Kings and drift our eggs and flash flies below. We were trying for the steelhead and browns but we didn’t land any. Dad hooked a steelhead that danced down river for about 4 seconds and then he lost his fly.

We spent most of the morning catching Coho after Coho from a run below Estabrook Park. The fishing was tough; the male Coho’s were very aggressive and were smacking red flash flies. The females were hitting a hot pink egg. Everyone hooked up and Dad caught the most. Dad was catching all of his Cohos’ on this flash fly. The red collar was the ticket, plus the flash made it irresistible to the Cohos.

After we were done fishing we headed to the favorite post fishing haunting ground of the Fly Fish Nation……Q-Doba. Do you think a Mexican Burrito place would be willing to be a sponsor of the Nation? I know we could probably eat them out of business. I’m a classic steak burrito, black beans and mild sauce kid! Yummmmmm!!! Q-Doba is the lunch of champions..............