Monday, May 30, 2011

Iowa trip May 2011

We've been away for a has been kicking my butt as I've had to do weekly travel for the last 4 months. I've been out a couple of times with clients this spring and learned how to fish the Provo river in Utah........but this weekend we did our first trip into Iowa. The fly schools are all set up for this summer. We had a small group out this weekend and the class was very short. We did a fast coverage of the school's the details .

We'll be doing these classes all summer long. We have have a set schedule of classes but are willing to do a custom class for clients. We'll be happy to run a customized class for two or more clients. Give us a call at 262.758.0575 or send us an email at

Summer classes will be:
June 12th - fly casting basics and matching the hatch
July 15-17 full school
August 12 full school

September 24-25 Salmon school in Racine

We hope you can make one of the classes. Should be a great time!

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